Bara Alam Utama Mining Operations

Productive, Safe and Modern Coal Mining Operation

Maximum Production with Minimum Operation Risk

Coal Mining Process Flow

Our Process

Bara Alam Utama mining operates surface mining operations with low stripping ratio and large scale equipment to optimize economic scale of long distance hauling transportation, majority of the mining activities consist of removal of overburden and extraction of coal

Extracted coal is then process throught the crushing plant to ensure the coal distribution size. Bara Alam Utama coal has a distinguished quality which is low ash and low sulfur coal

Coal Production and Transport Flow

Hauling Trucks

Total distances of 249 KM with and existing annual capacity is 1,300,000 tonnes

Cargo Train

Total distances of 179 KM with and existing annual capacity is 1,700,000 tonnes

Annual Production Capacity
Reaching at 5 million tonnes per year by 2015
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  • 2015